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Success seems to be the common destiny of those who dare to follow unfrequented paths. Pablo Picasso in art, Ungaretti in literature, and Henry Ford in industry have all succeeded, to produce a real watershed either in art or business. In the pen market, you can count pioneers with your fingers. One of them certainly was Leopoldo Aquila. sensing the potential for a sophisticated upper class market, the founder of Lalex 1938 created a whole series of writing instruments and accessories that opened up a prestige market to the company. Today, Lalex 1938 signs their new collection with a commitment and dedication strengthened by the experience of three generations of the Aquila family and presents the market with truly innovative instruments and a new marketing approach. To enquire with us about Lalex pens, please click here.
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Mini ball pen refill Lalex Mini Ball Pen Refill. Cap less system. Black, Blue. $6.00 $5.20
*Prices subject to change without notice
Updated 02/15/13
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