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Patrick Chu, founder of Loiminchay  says:  over the years of my collecting of writing instruments. I have storage up all these treasures. From time to time, I would examine them, admire them, and play with them like a child playing with toys. Until the year of 1999 or so, I have decided to make my own pens and the company "Lominchay" (Loimin.-delightful, understanding. Chay.- artelier, group). Once the decision was made, I searched back to my roots, 5000 years of Chinese arts and culture. Dragon and jade come in the picture and of course, the Chinese porcelain vases as well. Please contact us for any inquiry, this pens needed to be ordered in a one to one basis.  To email us about click here.
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Loiminchay Opus II Roller Pen Loiminchai Opus II Roller Pen. $250.00 $175.00 buy
Loiminchay Mini Qiuan Long Fountain Pen Loiminchai Mini Qian Long Olympics Fountain Pen $625.00 $437.00 buy
Loiminchay Mini Qiuan Long Roller Pen Loiminchai Mini Qian Long Olympics Roller Pen $450.00 $315.00 buy
Opus Blue Fountain Pen Loiminchai Opus Blue  Fountain Pen $750.00 $525.00 buy
Opus Red Roller Ball Loiminchai Opus Blue or Red Roller Pen $600.00 $420.00 buy
*Prices subject to change without notice
Updated 01/15/13
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