Ancora Raphael Fountain Pen

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  • Limited edition to 88 pens
  • Made with specialized resins
  • Piston filler system
  • 18Kt gold nib made by Ancora.


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The Ancora Raphael fountain pen, uses fine resins and acrylics in addition of a Piston, and a 18 kt gold nib, made by Ancora in house, making this pen a winner. RAPHAEL, a Limited Edition of 88 Pens per finish.

Ancora Raphael Fountain Pen

Raphael lived from 1483 to 1520, his full name Raffaello Sanzi, an important artist. He authored The Madonnas and some statues in the Vatican. Many admired his work  for its clarity of form and ease of composition. His  teachers in Florence were Leonardo and Michelangelo. Many of his works took place in the years 1505 and 1507. The Madonnas, show the influence of Leonardo, who since 1480 made great advances in painting. Da Vinci influenced him because he has the same simplicity not common then. Additionally, he learned the Florentine method of composition that groups the figures in a single unit, but let each one be. Putting out the not essentials separates the paintings he made in Florence. Raphael also owed much to Leonardo’s lighting style. But Raphael is different from Leonardo and Michelangelo, whose paints show dark intensity, he wanted to paint in a more calmer style.


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