Bexley Owners Club Pen

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Bexley Owners club

  • Limited Edition to 120 pens.
  • Body and cap are made of hard rubber -ebonite-
  • Black with rhodium trims
  • Two tone 18 Kt nib
  • Supplied with a piston filling converter
  • Can use ink cartridges.
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The Bexley Owners Club Fountain Pen uses a material highly look-after by pen enthusiasts, hard rubber. This substance, comes from trees and it combines first, with sulfur to harden it, and later with oxides to color it. Like, iron oxide for red hard rubber among others. Pen aficionados call it ebonite, and like it because of the warmer feel, its durability and its rich colors. Celebrate the updated beauty of hard rubber and 20 years of quality writing instruments from Bexley Pen. The pen fills with a cartridge or converter. This pen is the 8th annual edition of the Owner’s Club.

Founded in 1993 by a few pen enthusiasts. After decades of restoring and repairing pens they wanted to use modern technology to create classic designed pens. Bexley manufactures high quality pens in Columbus, Ohio, and distributes them to dealers around the world.


Bexley Owners Club Fountain Pen

Their pen designs take inspiration from prime pens of past years. They manufactured some of the pens from ebonite, a hardened rubber that was popular before plastics came into use in the 20’s. In addition, their premium pens often have filigree overlays, an elegant style that became popular in the early 1900’s. They create designs with shapes from design trends, like stream line shapes, that were popular during the 1930’s, from airplanes to household objects. They also use a variety of ink filling systems. A few fill with an eye-dropper, some with a push button, and many accept either ink cartridges or a converter.

Howard Levy pays attention to detail, he is a strong believer in building in quality and not trying to “inspect” it into the pen. From the very first pen, with the Bexley brand and since then, the quality of every part of the pen has major importance. Howard has seen to it!

They take great care to make pens for the discerning writer. They use computer equipment, and decades of experience, to produce parts to exacting specifications. Their skilled craftsmen hand assemble and polish each pen. Their classic designs have an impeccable quality. Also, they love to share their enthusiasm for fine writing instruments with you, through the Bexley pen of your choice.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in

2 reviews for Bexley Owners Club Pen

  1. Andrew

    This fountain pen is awesome! Would recommend to everyone!

    I’m ordering mine next week

  2. Cobus Bester

    Wonderful quality, and an awesome design. Bexley Pens ftw!

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