Cross Pencil Leads 0.5 mm.


Cross Pencil Leads 0.5 mm. Features:

  • 0.5mm Leads
  • 15  Leads
  • Authentic Cross Refill
  • HB Leads
  • All Cross writing instruments come guaranteed 

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Cross Pencil Leads 0.5 mm. Since their establishment in 1846.  The Cross Pen Company has developed an understanding of what makes a good pen. That not only have good looks, but also have an outstanding quality of their refills.

Do you like standard, oil-based and waxy ball pen ink? Go with the Cross ball pen refill. Or probably you are looking for a Cross Pencil lead that will fit your writing tool. If so, look no more they are available here. The Cross -8710- for the 0.5 mm Cross pencil lead refill has 15 leads in HB polymeric hardness they fit the ATX, Century II and Classic Century. pencils. All Cross writing instruments are unquestionably guaranteed against mechanical failure, regardless of age.

The Cross Pencil leads will help keep your creativity flowing. This easy to feed refill is custom-made for the Cross mechanical pencils, mentioned above. They Symbolize the Cross tradition of excellent writing instruments and refills. They also come in a Factory sealed in a blister pack.

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Cross Pencil Leads 0.5 mm.

The Cross Pen Company offer an assortment of colored inks, ink converters, ball point and roller ball refills, erasers and gel refills. Hence, the Cross Ball Point Pen Refill is great for your daily writing experiences. Select the eraser or the pencil leads in different sizes, to suit you’re pencil needs. This 0.5 mm pencil lead are a general purpose writing refill. Also they are highly reliable and convenient for use on all papers. Consider stocking up today to save on future shipping costs!
The Cross Fountain Pencil leads fits any standard Cross mechanical pencil, that accepts 0.5 mm leads. This refill will insure the optimal performance of your fine writing instrument. This leads are soft for a smooth and fluid script, hence You are going to love your writing. If you don’t you can always, erase it a re-do it to your liking.

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