Delta Adivasi Roller Ball


Delta Adivasi Roller Ball features:

  • Hand-turned from mother-of-pearl resins with sterling silver accents
  • Typical Adivasi garment colors engraved on bands of cap and body
  • Easily converts to a ballpoint pen with the change of a refill
  • Sarangi tribal Sanskrit script on clip

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The Delta Adivasi Roller Ball is part of  “The Indigenous Peoples Collection”. This Delta collection pays tribute to the descendants of the first inhabitants of India, The Adivasi.  The word Adivasi results from a combination of the Sanskrit term ‘adi’ -original- and ‘vasi’ -inhabitant-. They have never been part of the Indian economy – their activities in agriculture, shepherding and crafts serves them to survive only. Because of the birth of modern industry and the resulted tribal discrimination many of them fled to inaccessible hill areas, where they could preserve their way of life.

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Delta Adivasi Roller Ball

These pens, made from hand-turning blocks of mother-of-pearl resins with bronze and green colors also woven with red and ivory bands.  They represent the typical Adivasi garment’s colors. Solid sterling silver trims, include the rings on the cap and body. The clip comes sculpted with a raised tribal Sarangi script. The roller ball converts to a ball point simply with a refill change. They made only 1,857 pieces of them.

The pen comes also enclosed in a plexiglas lid, you can see the Delta logo on the top. There’s also a window for viewing the pen on the inside, and the lid is held on, by these two bolts with the Delta logo on top of them. Then the lid just simply lifts off, and of course inside we have the Roller Pen.

All the metal components also made from sterling silver. The ornament on the top of the cap depict the people of the region. The clip  represents a club, and the colored rings along the pen portrays the individual colors of the clothes of this People. Each of the pens comes numbered. In addition, on the side of the barrel: The legend “Delta Adivasi Limited Edition” is written. It comes with an authentic Delta refill, that write smoothly like ink on paper of a fountain pen.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 1.5 in


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