Delta Alfa Romeo Fountain Pen

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Delta Alfa Romeo Fountain Pen Features:

  • Length  5-3/8″
  • Ink Filling: Converter and Delta Ink Bottle. Included.
  • Color:   Black resin barrel with sterling trim.
  • Nib:  Medium Width, Stainless Steel Omni-Flexible.
  • Weight: 32 gr. – 1.09 Oz.

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Delta Alfa Romeo Fountain Pen. A designer named Vittorio Jano joined Alfa Romeo in the early 1920’s. His work was a monument to industrial design and launched Alfa Romeo to many world championships. One of the most memorable cars of the early 20th Century was the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, a car that remains one of the most desirables cars of all time. The best design elements that distinguished the Giulietta are all placed into the Delta’s Alfa Romeo fountain pen.

The flex nib is a joy to use, Writes Well Out of the Box, because it adjusts to your writing since the get-go, no hard starts, no misaligned tines, and no scratchiness. The Alfa Romeo is no exception. The pens in the Giulietta line come with a fix or flexible stainless still nib.


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Delta Alfa Romeo Fountain Pen

The Alfa Factory Black car color, also come recreated in the pen’s hand-turned Italian acrylic resin. In addition, The central ring replicates Giulietta’s grill, and the cap pays homage to the design of the spoked wheels. The trim ring below the crown of each pen also resembles the tire treads. Furthermore, the Platinum Plated clip pays tribute to the Giulietta distinctive red headlamp lenses with a perfectly placed red stone right at the top!

One of the most exceptional industrial designs in history has now been translated into a Pen Collection, as only Delta can. Delta has become one of the pen aficionados, favorite pen companies. In recent years, they’ve expanded their line for the better. They’ve moved away from large, flashy pens, and introduced more understated designs.

Delta Pens, In the past, had mostly big size pens. Because of this many regarded Delta as the company of very large, pens with lots of gold or silver trims. Lately, Delta has slimmed down the size of their pens and now Delta manufactures more sober pens. This also brought them back onto pen enthusiast’s radar.


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