Delta Peace Fountain Pen


Delta Peace Fountain Pen features

  • Material: Celluloid
  • Trims: Sterling silver 
  • Nib: 18 Kt. White gold Medium Width
  • Filling System: Cartridge-Converter Included 
  • Pieces Produced: 1.994 
  • Year: 2006

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The Delta Peace Fountain Pen saw the light as part of a limited edition collection of pens, only 1994 pieces world-wide. Delta made them to commemorate  Mrs. I. Alpi and Mr. M. Hrovatin, the journalist and his camera man, killed together in Mogadishu in 1994.

Also to perpetuate their memory, the UNESCO and the Italian President  established the  “Journalistic Television Award” in 2006.

Delta Srl, an Italian company founded in 1982. From the beginning, Delta has met all standards of quality; its craftsmen carefully check all stages of pen’s production, Delta has over thirty years of operation, creating pens, crafted with skill, on sale through the best world wide pen boutiques.

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Delta Peace Fountain Pen

Since the beginning Delta stove for quality, The choice of materials and the attention to each stage of pen production, along with  the use of old craft techniques. Allow Delta to offer excellent pens. The Delta Peace fountain pen comes enhanced with an 18 Kt Medium white gold nib The sterling silver bands are thoughtfully placed forming an aesthetic balance that contributes to its good looks.The clip is solid and functional. The nib is a joy to use. Very smooth right out of the box, but not slippery. The feed  supplies the perfect amount of ink without drying if left unused for a few days. Also, The ink supply is good, taking in account that this pen fills from converter or cartridges. The Balance and feel are comfortable for long use.

Delta Issued a luxury variation of this Peace pen because the Union for Christian Unity, requested a pen for the 25th anniversary of the Apostolic Constitution. This institution destined one of the pens for the Pope Benedetto XVI. One of their designers created the pen, and the company’s skilled artisans made it. This one made from solid gold. In addition, they finish the pen with a special enamel. The artisans also included the word “Peace” on the base, in several languages. In addition, The pen was decorated with 105 brilliant cut diamonds,  all this encased in an eye-catching storage box.

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Dimensions 12 × 6.5 × 2 in


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