Delta Soiree Mid Roller Pen


Delta Soiree Mid Roller Pen features:

  • Refill: Authentic Delta refill included
  • Pen size and weight: 5 1/8 x 3/4 inches,
  • Weight: 1.1 oz.
  • Trims: Hallmark sterling silver trim
  • Finish: Black resin barrel and cap with orange rings

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Delta Soiree Mid Roller Pen: The pen comes finished with a solid black resin, but comes to life with the four bands of bright orange celluloid, offset by sterling silver cap bands.

Delta also uses a “roller” installed on the clip, which makes this pen exceptionally easy to get in and out of a pocket. This mid-size pen has a very good balance, and the writer can post or unpost the cap.

The Delta Soiree Mid Roller Ball comes with an authentic Delta refill and externally, when closed, has the same appearance and measures of his sibling, the Fountain Pen.

Finally, The nib is a joy to use, Writes Well Out of the Box, not a single one of these pens has needed to be adjusted, no hard starts, no misaligned tines, and no scratchiness. The Dolcevita Soiree is no exception. The pens in the Dolcevita line come in 14Kt gold also available in several widths.

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Delta Soiree Mid Roller Pen

Delta has become one of the pen aficionados favorite modern pen companies. In recent years, they’ve expanded their line, the change has been for the better. They’ve moved away from extremely large, flashy pens, and introduced more understated designs.

Delta Pens, In the past, had a big size. Because of this many regarded Delta as the company of very large, pens with lots of gold or silver trims. Lately Delta has slimmed down the size of their pens and nowadays Delta manufactures more sober pens. This brought the company back onto pen enthusiast’s radar.

A good example is the Dolcevita collection. The standard size Delta Dolcevita is also a big pen. The pen combines a bright orange celluloid body with a black cap and shiny silver trims. This standard size Dolcevita even though is big and combines two contrast colors is not really “too big”. Some praise this pen as the right size for their big hands. About the pen being “too flashy” many think the pen design is very modern and the color combination, very aesthetically pleasing.

For the ones that don’t agree with the above, Delta created the Dolcevita Soiree. This pen only comes in a “mid-size” and qualifies as a normal size pen for almost every user. The black resin finish also appeals to a more conservative users.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in


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