Dupont Diamond Guilloche Stylo


Dupont Diamond Guilloche Fountain Pen Features:

  • Brand: S.T. Dupont
  • Description: “S.T. Dupont Fountain pen
  • Finish: Palladium and Lacquer
  • Nib: 14 Kt. White Gold Medium Width Nib
  • Closure System: Snap-on
  • Dimensions capped: 14,5 cm (5.70 in)
  • Dimensions uncapped: 13,3 cm (5.25in)
  • Reference: 410110L

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We want to announce the launch of the highly anticipated ‘Dupont Diamond Guilloche Stylo’. collection for 2020, a rich series of fine pens created above all, for the US market.

This new collection also combines old-world Dupont style with a new modern design. they bring together one of their oldest and most treasured crafting techniques, ‘guilloche under lacquer’ to the newly updated large size ‘Line D.’ Available also, in 3 vibrant colors: Ruby, Sapphire, and Aquamarine, the pens combine the skills of the S. T. Dupont master goldsmith with the expertise of their master lacquered.

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Dupont Diamond Guilloche Stylo

Diamond Guilloche

The ‘Diamond Guilloche’ collection. On the other hand, features a technique also known as  “engine turning.” The diamond designed and created by an engine turning process that engraves very precise, intricate, patterns into an underlying material. For this latest launch, S. T. Dupont selected a finely detailed diamond pattern, overlaid with colored Urushi lacquer. Certainly, the result is simply spectacular.

Urushi Lacquer

S. T. Dupont’s artisans add layers of natural lacquer to the surface of the diamond-patterned guilloche in a months-long process involving many applications and polishing to impart depth and mystery to the finish. The engraving also. causes the reflection of light through the overlay of this natural Urushi lacquer, creating a nice display of light and color.

Line D Large

The collection is launched on the newly updated Line D Large pen, also has a remodeled new bold blazon on the pen’s clip, an enhanced Dupont ‘D’ in the crown of the cap, and a perfectly balanced shape for easy writing. The pen cap also, closes with Dupont’s clasic ‘cling’ and features a fluted grip section for a good writing experience.

The Diamond Guilloche collection comes also, in three nice colors:

  • Ruby accented in gold vermeil trim.
  • Aquamarine accented in palladium trim.
  • Sapphire accented in palladium trim.

Available in fountain pen with the S.T. Dupont 14kt gold nib in EF, F, M, and B nib widths. The fountain pen also uses cartridges or fills from a bottle of ink using the converter. Finally, Indulge yourself with this fine pen. You also can be sure that you are going to like the way you write!

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Dimensions 8 × 3 × 2 in


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