Krone No 8 Seine Roller Pen

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Krone Daddy-O Roller Pen Features:

  • Blue resin bands on the barrel and the cap
  • Exotic tortoise Italian resin
  • Sterling silver accents
  • Two silver ring bands
  • Screw-off cap
  • Measures closed 131 mm
  • Measures open and posted 146 mm
  • Weight 28 gr.

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Krone No 8 Seine Roller Pen: The Krone No. 8 embodies rich and exotic tortoise Italian resin accentuated with contrasting bands of fashionable color.   This collection is an exceptional writing accessory, which captures Parisian couture.  Available in  Seine (blue)  Roller ball.  Accents in sterling silver. This Roller pen’s looks embodies the flair of elegance and good taste. Hence, is a pleasure to use, and in addition,  gives you, that look that you are after. The right size and form design make the roller a well balanced writer. Buy one and you are going to like the way you write.

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Krone No 8 Seine Roller Pen

Daddy’O pens by Krone made with Italian resins with solid sterling silver trim. The sleek slim waist style looks odd and hard to imagine how this would feel in my hand. But I soon realized this is just an optical illusion. It is really not that odd as my hand and finger configuration places my forefinger tip just past the thread on the section. So really you do not feel the step from barrel to section. It is a smooth and comfortable feel, if I closed my eyes, I would not even imagine the unusual shape interferes with my natural grip. Finally, light weight at just 1 ounce, the 5” barrel with cap tapers to a respectable _ “ diameter and _” at the cap lip.

When Krone tested the limits of artwork, the result was a succession of hand-painted limited edition pens that go above  the definition of phenomenal. The masterpieces of Russian miniature lacquer artists, these pens show detailed scenes almost incomprehensible to the naked eye. The collection includes Anno Domini, A Space In Time, and Moses, all unique, and all seemingly magnetic to view. Krone introduces some innovative methods to create the beautiful effects of these editions, such as painting onto a mother of pearl barrel, allowing the luminescence of the shell to shine through the paint. Another new technique, called maki-e, was used to make the barrel of the Shogun Pen. Maki-e is a distinctive method of lacquer art, using “urushi”, an oriental varnish made from the sap of a tree. The success of these hand-painted pens ensure that there is more to come in the future of this exquisite category.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 3.5 × 2.0 in


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