Lalex Elementi Agenda Ball Pen


Lalex  Elementi Agenda Ball Pen Features:

  • Material: resin
  • Cap: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Packaging: Lalex Gift box
  • Lead Feeding:  Twist
  • Trim: Aluminium
  • Color Black
  • length 140 mm.
  • Barrel width 8.2 mm.
  • Weight 25 gr.
  • Country of Manufacture Italy

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Lalex Elementi Agenda Ball Pen . The Elementi Collection brings a series of pens. Fountain pen, roller ball, ball pen and mechanical pencil also in pure classic style. The pens have all, an cylindric barrel made with pearl like resin. Lalex combined the aluminum trims with the sterling silver cap and the pearl lacquer of the barrel nicely. There is also an all Sterling Silver pen. The pens are available in the “firma”, “agenda”* and “lilliput” style. The basic difference between them, is the pen size. The “Lilliput” style is available in ball pen and mechanical pencil. Furthermore, This collection shows the Lalex 1938 style in its pure essence. Any of these pens will satisfy you, and they are also going to make you like the way you write, The pencil carries .07 mm leads and feeds them through a twist mechanism easy to turn.

Lalex 1938 Small Logo

Lalex Elementi Agenda Ball Pen

In 1938, Leopoldo Aquila founded Lalex in Naples. He combined his initials “L.A.” with the later-work for the law profession, “lex”. He created a company based on solid principles of honesty, and a wish to made pens using the latest technologies. Lalex 1938 pens have a simple form. Many of the designs are based on geometric designs, The success of Lalex 1938 came as a result of the dedication of its founder. He wanted the company to have a market presence through quality and prompt service. These are two important characteristics that will make anybody to buy or not a pen.

His view was that a pen is not only to write with, but is also a valued object, and a prestigious gift. Therefore, he hired some of the best jewelers in Naples to design a series of pens and accessories. In 1938 Lalex entered also the top-end pen market.Right after the Aquila Group sold Montegrappa in the year 2000, plans to develop the Lalex line of pens and accessories took a new bust. The new lines had materials and colors aimed to expand the market base. Giuseppe, along with his father Gian Franco Aquila, own Lalex. it is clear that for him pens and the family business are no joking matter. Lalex pens are produced in the Aquila’s Group 1,500 square foot factory near the town of Pastorano.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7.0 × 4.0 × 1.75 in


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