Manuscript Italic Calligraphy Pen

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Manuscript Italic Calligraphy Pen Features:

  • The art of calligraphy is about the visual expression of words
  • Develop your skills and express your ideas through beautiful designs
  • This set includes one manuscript classic pen, italic nib 1.1 mm., converter, and one cartridge
  • Made in the U. K.

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The Manuscript’s Italic calligraphy Pen meets the needs of beginners and advanced ones as well.  Each kit also offers a 1.1 mm nib, ink, and pen.

Manuscript Hand Lettering Set


Manuscript Italic Calligraphy Pen

The Manuscript Pen Company traces its origins to the UK in 1856, produces quality calligraphy sets. They designed them both for the beginner as well as for the experienced one. They have world fame as a premier pen company.

The Manuscript Co. has a full range of calligraphy sets and pencil available. They produce the best calligraphy sets available anywhere— at affordable prices. So if you are exploring the subject or want to improve your skills, the quality and affordability of these sets surely will allow you to do that. As you will see, each set comes with a variety of nib widths, inks, and pen holders. The art of calligraphy has once again become a world trend. These sets allow you to begin at an entry level. Later, at your speed, you can progress to a higher level. So why not start now?

This Italic Calligraphy Pen comes with a 1.1 mm. Nib with a cartridge and converter included. Besides, the Price of the set is a good value; the pen’s nib writes smoothly. We had used the same pen, for over four months with no incidents,

Manuscript Prices are a big bonus, a mere $6.95 for this pen and nib set, has a small price, which makes this Set right into the affordable price bracket. Because of this, it becomes less of an essential buy, and as a result, the risk is low.

Because this calligraphy set is right for the exercises that will enhance your writing, buy for yourself or your friend also, this set, we can assure you that you are also going to like the way you write!

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