Marlen Antica Atella Fountain


Marlen Atica Atella Fountain Pen:  features:

  • 18k gold nib
  • Colored Italian resin rings with sterling silver trims
  • Screw-on cap closure
  • Piston filling system
  • Limited to 988 pieces worldwide
  • Individually numbered
  • Gift-boxed with Marlen International life-time manufacturing warranty

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Marlen Antica Atella Fountain Pen: This Pen borns with a dedication to the old City of Atella. City that was later destroyed by earthquake. The pen, made of resin in different band colors giving the barrel the colored rings with silver trims. They made only 988 pens world wide.

The  event that caused the pen creation started In the Fifth century B. C. Atella was an Italian city where now, Marlen had his head offices, in the South of Italy.


The Atella pen recreates the colors of the brilliant tones of its fertile earth. They worked the silver parts with the old  technique of metal casing.  This method  re-creates the motives forms from the past. New materials combined with old craft techniques make this pen. They design their “artisan pens to be different”.

This pen mirrors the Atella region; In old times, the region was occupied by the city of the same name, a  rich city that remain first, under the dominion of the Etruscans and later under the Romans, the city set apart by his artistic works, traces of this work can still be found in the archeological sites.  The pen is available with a 18 Kt, gold nib. The pen comes as a numbered Special Edition.

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Marlen Antica Atella Fountain Pen

Founded in 1982 by Mario and Antonio Esposito, MARLEN Pens is an Italian company making fine writing instruments. They design their “artisan pens to be different” and master-crafts men, using new forms of art to create special collections.

During more than thirty years they have made collections inspired in historical events, cultural ideas and artistic movements. Hence, the pen collectors valued their pen sets as priced possessions. Because they represent, in one way or another, these  occurrences.

MARLEN, makes sure that all in the company, come together as a team, because their success have a relation with the dedication and determination of each one puts. These sense of unity have caused the favorable outcome of MARLEN. Because the People who work for them have dedication and take pride on their contribution. This by itself, ensures that the collections of fine pens will continue to flow, for years to come.

Finally, with the existent union with Yafa Brands; MARLEN will continue to create high quality pens, ensuring also the continuation as a distinctive leader in the pen business, worldwide.


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