Omas Moon 1969 Roller Ball


Omas Moon 1969 Roller Ball Features:

  • Closed Length: 5.9″
  • Posted Length: 6.7″
  • Barrel Diameter: 0.6″
  • Refill: Included
  • Cap Type: Threaded
  • Clip: With Clip
  • Pen Weight: 54 gr.

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Omas Moon 1969 Roller Ball: The OMAS 1969 Moon Landing, wants to commemorate the event of 40 years ago when the crew of Apollo 11 first reach the Moon. OMAS captured the event designing a pen: the barrel depicts the Moon with embossed footprints in the silver-plated lunar surface; They draw the Earth  in blue sprinkled with silver dust also. The platinum-plated, arched clip represents the space flight path. A band that surrounds the Earth and finally reaches the Moon represents the  journey. A Limited Edition of 1969 pens celebrates the Moon landing date, 1,000 piston-filled fountain pens and 969 roller balls.

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Omas Moon 1969 Roller Ball

At a staggering distance of just 220,000 miles away, tonight’s moon will appear much larger than most full moons — nearly 14 percent bigger than when the full moon is at its furthest from the Earth. And bigger means brighter, nearly 30 percent brighter. Which means you will have plenty of light to reflect on life and how we live it. And plenty of light to write by. But, which pen is best for such an occasion?

We like to suggest the Omas 1969 Moon Platinum Plated Fountain Pen. This ogival shaped pen commemorates the American crew of Apollo 11’s space mission. The pen barrel represents the Moon, with the footprints of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, stamped in 3D on the surface. The flight path of the Apollo 11 module comes carved on the pen clip. Their amazing journey is charted in a band that circumnavigates the barrel starting at Earth – represented by a lapis lazuli stone and ending at the moon. A fitting pen for a fitting moment in time. The pen gives a sense of balance and composure because of his weight  Gratify yourself buying this reduced price roller ball pen. We are pretty sure that you will like the way that your writing will look.

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Weight 3.25 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 4 in


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