Retro51 Dino Fossil Pen

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Retro51 Dino Fossil Pen Features:

  • Retro 51 Tornado Collection
  • Roller Ball / Ball Point Pen
  • Dino Fossil Acid etched Design
  • Refill included
  • Lenght 5″
  • Center Diameter 1/2″
  • Great gift
  • Comes in tubular packaging
  • Weight 29gr.

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We are excited to introduce the Retro51 Dino Fossil Pen. This elegant new pen honors the National Museum of Natural History and is part of the Retro 51 Smithsonian Collection. Also, the Pen joins the ranks as another acid-etched body pens. For the archaeologist in all of us, Retro 51 has brought us a writing instrument that encapsulates the impressive dinosaurs.

Each Retro51 Dino Fossil Pen comes with acid-etched dino fossils onto the barrel of the pen. This acid-etching technique will genuinely make you “feel” a part of this Dinos era. Also, the Dino comes in the style of the classic Retro 51 Tornado. The pen will be 5 inches in length and about 1/2 inch in diameter. Besides, the Dino will take either a “Parker style” ballpoint refill, or a Retro51 Capless rollerball refill. Each Dino will come individually numbered. The numbering does not mean that the Dino is a limited edition. The tally is mandatory for all the Smithsonian Collection.
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Retro51 Dino Fossil Pen

Think about someone you know that loves dinos and the joy that will have when she or he opens this rollerball. Inside the tube, they will find a metal pen where they can feel the bones. The Retro51 Dino Fossil Pen comes plated in copper to give it a realistic look and finally top printed in ivory to highlight the several dinosaurs that wrap around the barrel. The top ring has etched the Smithsonian name, plus a number and, then imprinted with the Smithsonian logo on the top. This pen is sure to make you enjoy your writing!

The Retro51 Dino Fossil Pen comes fitted with a smooth refill that retracts with its knurl twist-top. Replace the rollerball cartridge with any readily available Parker-style ballpoint refill and your Tornado is now a ballpoint pen. You’ll find both, the capless rollerball refill and the  9000 ballpoint refill for this Cioppino pen in our store, under Retro 51 Refills. Gift packed in gift tube that doubles as a pen stand.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × .5 × .5 in


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