Sheaffer Pencil Erasers


Sheaffer Pencil Erasers Features:

  • These are for Sheaffer Agio or Intrigue  Pencils
  • Premium latex-free erasers
  • Removes lead without scuffing, smearing the paper.
  • Will not harden with age.

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Sheaffer Pencil Erasers, Unfortunately, as with most writing things, erasers do not come standardized. Bellow we list some possible solutions to make your eraser work, Even though they are easy to execute, we don’t deny, that a better solution is to buy the right one since the get go, If you have an Agio Gift Collection or an Intrigue 0.7mm pencil, These Sheaffer eraser Type “G” are the right ones for them.

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Sheaffer Pencil Erasers

However, there are a few common sizes that fit many of the pencils made. The way to decide what size you need for your pencil is to measure the diameter of your old eraser. If the eraser is not available any more, measure the opening where the eraser goes. Rulers work, but if you have a caliper, it will work even better! If all fails, and no erasers are the correct diameter for your pencil, you may have to consider creative alternatives. Carving your own eraser refills is an option.

Good old-fashioned Pink Pearl erasers work well for this, as do Magic Rub white vinyl erasers. If you’re handy, you can also make a metal “punch” and punch out refills from a larger block style eraser. A piece of paper makes a good shim, if a ready-made eraser almost fits, sometimes all it takes is a small piece of paper wrapped around the base of the eraser to make it fit just right. On the opposite end of this theory, sometimes taking a ready-made eraser that is just a tad bit too big and shaving off a bit will give you the correct fit. You just need to think creatively when it comes to refilling erasers on your vintage mechanical pencils. Again the best is to find the right eraser for your pencil, since the beginning

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