Taccia Niagara Fountain Pen


Taccia Niagara Falls Fountain Pen Features:

  • Screw cap
  • Body made of  shiny resin
  • Metal fittings with chromium finish
  • With cartridge and converter filling system
  • High-quality steel nib Fine Width, polished
  • Writing tip with iridium grain
  • Nib Made in Germany

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Taccia Niagara Falls Fountain Pen: The special edition, Niagara Falls“ made with the fine materials. The Trims with Rhodium alloy happen to be the focal point of the pen. The fountain pen is made of resin mixed with a tint of blue. The rhodium-plated stainless steel nib comes engraved and polished by hand. TACCIA also makes this special edition available as a fountain pen and roller ball. A company that stands for tradition and for quality made this pens. Their goal is to perfect their technology and to give to every person the instrument,  with the quality and with the looks that he expects

The pen comes with a converter or cartridge ink system and it has a stainless steel nib with rhodium finish and with an iridium grain tip, polished and engraved. The ball-point pen comes fitted with a twist mechanism and with an international refill. The roller also delivers the look and functionality of a fountain pen with its smooth and comfortable action. Buy this pen and it will give you that look that you are after and in addition you are going to like the way you write.

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Taccia Niagara Falls Fountain Pen

After the last ice age 12000 years ago, North America’s glaciers start melting. The resulting water caused Lake Erie to flood. This bring about the Niagara river to form, flowing over the surface of the Niagara rock formation towards the north connecting the Lake Erie with the Lake Ontario. Where the waters collide, right on the border of the U. S. and Canada, by the Goat Island, where the waters gets almost 60 meters deep. On the U. S.  side, the waterfall has a width of 360 meters;  on the Canadian side the so-called horseshoe, has a length of 790 meters. The waterfall nears Lake Erie by almost two meters every year due to the erosion process. In the course of thousands of years, it has already laid back eleven kilometers. Finally. The Niagara Falls, with a worldwide popularity attracts more than 18 million visitors to the region every year.


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Dimensions 6.5 × 5.0 × 1.0 in


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