Think Camo Roller Pen


Think Camo Roller Ball features:

  • Camouflage design on the barrel and cap
  • Orange, grey or green on the barrel and the cap
  • Platinum plated cap ring band and clip
  • Think pens sits nicely in the hand
  • Secure closure of cap to the barrel
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Think CAMO Roller Pen will inspire your thoughts with effortless and comfortable writing. They come boxed in a small, clever, and colorful box that customers really like. The pen is available in a fountain pen or also in a roller ball version. The relatively large medium width steel nib in the fountain pen is a stamped iridium point, made in Germany. THINK, make their fountain pens available only with a medium nib width.


Think Camo Roller Pen

Krone manufacture THINK pens in Asia and the nibs comes from Schmidt in Germany. Fountain pens, remain a prime example of an International product, actually Parker comes from the UK. Bexley pens buy their the nibs from Germany, Pelikan and Aurora now also made some, or all their pens somewhere in Asia.

All THINK pens are roughly the same size, which is on the medium to large size. The pen sits nicely in the hand and is well-balanced posted, or not. The pattern and designs are distinctive and attractive, so much so, that many are not available anymore. Evidently, this pen is in high demand. The filling mechanism on the conversion kits, can take a cartridge or a converter and it comes fitted with a piston converter. The clip remains simple and tight and the only decoration is the cap band that comes etched simply with the THINK brand.

The monotone nib is functional and it works right out of the box. This nib writes smoothly and the ink flow is also fine. Like almost all  German nibs their quality is pretty good, insuring that the smoothness can be considered buttery.

THINK pens are stylish and functional. The packaging is unique but minimal. The medium nib is smooth. The filling mechanism is standard. These pens are affordable and would be a great pen for the new fountain pen user, although they are good enough for experience ones too. In addition, THINK makes reasonably priced, cool looking pens for everybody.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 2.5 × 1.5 in


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