Visconti Leather 6 Pen Holder

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Visconti Leather 6 pens holder features:

  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Exterior Material: Florentine Leather
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Interior Material: Velvet
  • Pen Holding Capacity: 6 pens
  • Case Height: 160mm (6.3in)
  • Case Width: 138mm (5.4in)
  • Case Depth: 28mm (1.1in)

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Visconti Leather 6 Pens Holder, made from the most beautiful quality black calf’s leather. A perfect container for keeping your best Visconti Pens safe.

Visconti pen’s history starts in Florence, Italy. A place of art and culture. Because of the city stands as an important industrial center, luxury and fashion are common there.

Luigi Poli and Dante del Vecchio, two friends who met in Florence, both decided to turn a common passion into a business. They founded Visconti pens on October 20, 1988. The first pen collection launched by the company was named “Classic”; the pens used celluloid, an excellent material also employed in many pen collections. They had such a success that the next year, in 1989, the company developed “Urushi,” their first limited edition of 100 pieces.

Furthermore, In the 1990s, the brand gained big recognition. Similarly, as the new millennium moved in, Visconti launched their iconic clip. The clip makes an explicit reference to the ancient Ponte Vecchio, the symbol of Florence. Between 2004 and 2005, Visconti launched the successful Opera and the Wall Street collections. It was not until 2010 that Visconti created the Homo Sapiens. The Brand has a reputation of a prime luxury pen company.

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Visconti Leather 6 Pens Holder

This pen holder also serves well as a travel pen case. This Italian black leather pen case features a zipper opening and will also hold any size writing instrument. The soft inner lining and dividers keep the pens free from scratches. This pen case holds up to six pens. Employing Florentine leather, they also create a style of leather with soft and flexible features. The very purest full grain aniline leather is treated with an exclusive, patented Dreamtouch procedure, imparting softness to the leather while maintaining all of its natural properties.

Finally, of all the major pen brands, Visconti might be the one with which we have serious experience. We own several Visconti pens – the Homo Sapiens, Divina, etc. – many of their pens have spoken to us to the point that we have to buy them on the spot. On top of the few unique and limited editions that also have made our “someday” list. This Leather Pen Holder is not the exception. We are sure that you will have the same thoughts if you buy one!

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Dimensions 6 × 7.5 × 1.5 in


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