Visconti Rag Time Roller Ball


Visconti Rag Time Roller Ball features:

  • Exquisite handcrafted pens
  • Made with old world artisans methods
  • Visconti’s first great success was the Ragtime
  • 14K gold clip.
  • Two solid 14K gold rings that fit around the cap
  • Only 1,988 will be available worldwide

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The Visconti Rag Time Rollerball pen comes in a rounded edges burgundy leather box.  You will find the information about the Visconti Ragtime Rollerball Pen inside its clamshell style box, with spring loaded lid and beautiful satin fabric interior with the Visconti logo printed in black on the upper side of the box lid.

Visconti pen’s history starts in Florence, Italy. A place of art and culture. Because of the city stands as an important industrial center, luxury and fashion are typical there.

Luigi Poli and Dante del Vecchio, two friends who met in Florence, both decided to turn a common passion into a business. They founded Visconti pens on October 20, 1988. The first pen collection launched by the company was named “Classic”; the pens used celluloid, an excellent material also employed in numerous pen collections. They had such a success that the next year, in 1989, the company developed “Urushi,” their first limited edition of 100 pieces.

Furthermore, In the 1990s, the Visconti Pen brand gained immense recognition. Similarly, as the new millennium moved in, Visconti launched their iconic clip. The clip makes an explicit reference to the ancient Ponte Vecchio, the symbol of Florence. Between 2004 and 2005, Visconti launched the successful Opera and the Wall Street collections. It was not until 2010 that Visconti created the Homo Sapiens. The Brand has a reputation of a prime luxury pen company.

Visconti Logo

Visconti Rag Time Rollerball

This pen has a beautiful multi-color swirl resin, with ivory, also yellow, and black. The yellow has a gold kind of shimmer. On the cap of the pen, there are a couple of gold bands, and also a clip with the number of the pen 1054/1988 engraved here and the “Visconti Ragtime” legend etched on the side,

Besides, the cap shows the Visconti anniversary dates and information. The cap also comes threaded and posts on the pen if needed. To change the refill of the Pen, unscrew the section from the barrel of the pen. Included with the pen is a Visconti rollerball refill. This Visconti Ragtime is a limited edition pen. Each of these pens also come numbered. It seems to us than anyone will love to have this great looking  Pen.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in


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