Yard-O-Led Pencil Leads

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Yard-O-Led Pencil Leads

  • Available in Pack of 12 1.18 mm. leads.
  • 3 lead hardness, H, HB and B
  • Compatible with Diplomat, Edwardian, Perfecta & Viceroy.
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These Yard-O-Led Pencil Leads will suit for anybody’s work. Pioneering design, fine craftsmanship, family ties and also a rich company heritage all make their range of nice instruments and refills, a good think to have.

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Giving the company its name, through the one yard of lead found in every pencil, the propelling pencils are the flagship product of the brand. Handcrafted in England from sterling silver, the weight of their pencils offers  feeling of control. All pencils come also with a 1.18mm lead, with replacements lead in varying softness; B, H, HB. Having that distinctive Yard-O-Led style and suitable for personalization with any engraver. They specialize in Mechanical Pencils, hence their leads had to be the best!

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2 reviews for Yard-O-Led Pencil Leads

  1. Andrew

    There is not easy to find the exact 1.1 mm. leads for my viceroy pencil, so I did not hesitate to buy the authentic ones.

  2. Maria

    This leads are harder than the Japanese, but they work fine though.

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