Ducale Roller Pen

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Montegrappa Ducale Black Roller Pen.

  • Material Resin
  • Color Blue
  • Trim Palladium
  • Clip with rotating wheel
  • Filling System Original Refill
  • Closing System Screw-on
  • Closed length 141 mm.
  •  Weight (with cap) 40 gr.
  • Country of Manufacture Italy
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In 1930 ELMO designed the Ducale roller pen. ELMO converted later on, to Montegrappa.

The unparalleled elegance of the Montegrappa Ducale Rollerball Pen returns after 80 years. It gives new life to a new collection. First appearing in the 1930s. The Ducale pens marked the arrival of upscale writing instruments for Elmo. Elmo happens to be the original name for Montegrappa. ‘Ducale’. It also acknowledges the famed Doge’s Palace or the Palazzo Ducale. That happens to be one of the symbols of Venice. Recognized as a masterpiece of Gothic design. This Palace Embodies the essence of Venetian culture and tradition. The Ducale rollerball pens exude sophistication and dignity.

The generously-sized writing instruments are perfectly balanced. Bringing a real joy to hold, and a delight for writing. The Ducale rollerball pens, crafted from resin. The clip also carries the Ducale signature rollerball. It glides smoothly into your pocket.

Montegrappa Small Logo

Ducale Roller Pen

Only 80 Km separate Venice from Montegrappa, so the pen-based his design on that city. The pen embodies the design of the Doge’s Palace. After 80 years, the  Ducale name returns the heading to this new collection.

The Montegrappa Roller Pen first introduced in the 1930s as an upscale writing instrument. The pen boasts a balanced resin body that makes writing enjoyable. The Pen’s Large size makes it easy to hold This retractable Ball Pen slips easily into your pocket. Finally, the pen comes with the rolling ball on the clip, that facilitates to lip it securely in any pocket.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 3 in

Black-Palladium-Trims, Rose-Gold-Trims


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