J Herbin 1670 Ink Collection

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J Herbin 1670 Ink Collection Features:

Bottle Size: Elegant Crystal flagon with  50 ml
Composition: Dye-Based
Ink Colors: Five Colors
Gleam: Yes
Usage: Dip Pens, Fountain Pens
Water-Resistant: Yes

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J Herbin 1670 Ink Collection. J.Herbin. established in 1670 in Paris nearby the towers of Notre-Dame. Ink production started during the First French Empire. Napoleon Bonaparte he used their inks, and after by his son, the King of Rome. During the 19th century, Herbin participated in many great international exhibitions including the London exhibit in 1823. There, he got an award for the exceptional quality of his inks and waxes.

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J Herbin 1670 Ink Collection

After the “1670” hematite red, ocean blue, stormy grey and Chivor emerald, came the “Caroube de Chypre”. Some said that J. Herbin like to eat dried carob pods and for this he had a long life. As the other merchants sailing the Mediterranean sea, he would pick them up in Cyprus, on his way back home. The carob bean comes from  the carob tree and the Mediterranean countries cultivated the bean since ancient times… Carob pods, known as the “black gold of Cyprus” for their great therapeutic properties.

J Herbin 1670 Ink Collection Colors

The new Anniversary ink named “Caroube de Chypre” because of its intense and deep brown with a hint of red, and of course gold specks.

The Hematite Red, Has a blood-red color and mimics the color or the Herbin sealing wax used in royal courts across Europe. This ink comes Infused with gold sparkles and a green-gold sheen, it also evokes the image of its namesake gemstone.

Emerald of Chivor gets his name from the Chivor Mine in South America, – discovered in the mid-16th century this mine holds one of the purest emerald deposits in the world. For centuries, precious gemstones like emeralds were regarded as talismans with protective powers. It is said that J. Herbin himself kept an emerald in his pocket as a good luck charm on his many sea trips.

Bleu Ocean, comes in a deep-sea blue infused also with flecks of gold. The ink recalls the sea voyages of J. Herbin, the fine gold particles evoking the reflection of lightning across the water as well as the dark, mysterious depths of the oceans.

Finally, Stormy Grey is a deep coal grey color that has flecks of gold, reminiscent of the dark and wild oceans J. Herbin met on his many voyages. The fine gold particles in the ink evoke the reflection of lightning across the water as well as the dark, mysterious depths of the oceans.

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Bleu Ocean, Caroube de Chypre, Emerald of Chivor, Hematite Red, Stormy Grey


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