Laban Abalone Gunmetal Pen


Laban Abalone Gunmetal Fountain Pen Features:

  • Material: metal barrel, overlay of abalone
  • Trims: Gunmetal accents and trims
  • Filling System: Cartridge/converter
  • Nib: Iridium steel Medium (M)
  • Barrel Diameter: 12.2 mm
  • Pen Length Capped: 144 mm.
  • Weight: 58 gr.
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The Laban Abalone Gunmetal Pen, created based on Abalone. Which happens to be one of the most colorful nature’s treasures. The Laban abalone fountain pen also has a pearly luster glow representing a truly a gift from nature and the sea. Therefore, becomes a fleeting beauty that shimmers in a rainbow of swirling iridescent colors. The natural spiral vortex of the shells is just pure and elegant.

Brothers John and Charles created it. Inspired by their passion for quality fountain pens, launched their first line of silver and rhodium pens in 1981 by 1993. The Taipei-based company had gone global.  Also, In 1997, they became the exclusive producer of writing instruments for the Vatican Museum in Rome. And in 2004, they also, won the Lewis & Clark Award for the Best Pen. Quite an accomplishment!

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But above all, the Laban Abalone Gunmetal Pen’s barrel comes meticulously dressed in delicate sheets of authentic abalone shell from New Zealand. This, by itself, shows the most delicate craftsmanship, technique only available from expert artistry individuals. The fountain pen’s body and cap; show iridescent natural swirls, making people indulge in appreciation. It’s slightly heavier than regular acrylic pens, which sets off the balance, prudence, and quietness of writing. This gunmetal body brings the durability and solidity available only in finely crafted fountain pens.


Furthermore, the cap comes accented in gunmetal at the top and in the spring-loaded clip and trim. Also, the cap twists into the pen’s barrel for a tide closure.


Laban supplies an ink converter with the fountain pen. But the fountain pen can also be used with ink cartridges if preferred.


The fountain pen boasts a Stainless steel nib with an iridium point. The nib glides smoothly on paper, making you write an absolute pleasure.

If you want to indulge yourself and enjoy your writing like never before, or probably, gratify somebody with a lovely gift, buy this pen set, and you will be reminded for years to come!

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in



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