Laban Flora Fountain Pen


Laban Corinth Fountain Pen Features:

  • Material: Resin inner body with an overlay of metal
  • Trims: Palladium accents and trims
  • Filling System: Cartridge/converter
  • Nib: Iridium steel Fine (F), Medium (M)
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The Laban Company made the Flora Fountain Pen; Laban is a Chinese enterprise located in Taiwan. Lately, they seem to get more and more recognition out there in the fountain pen community.

Brothers John and Charles Hu created it. Inspired by their passion for quality fountain pens, they launched their first line of silver and rhodium pens in 1981 by 1993; the Taipei-based company had gone global.  In 1997, it was the exclusive producer of writing instruments for the Vatican Museum in Rome. And in 2004, won the Lewis & Clark Award for the Best Pen. Quite an accomplishment!

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Laban Flora Fountain Pen

Back in the old days, fountain pens people would use demonstrator models to show customers how pens worked on the inside. Today, the demonstrator fountain pen also has a whole new status with fountain pen aficionados.

Laban also offers these new pen models crafted in clear Italian resin with brass overlays. Likewise, they finish them in gold or chrome. They named these pens reminiscing the cities or nature names. Hence, the Laban Flora fountain pen name. The pen features an Italian resin body with an intricate cage that also has the look of a  bee pannel. The large pen is comfortable, measures 5 inches open, and more than six and a half inches posted. This beautifully-made pens will also lend a look of elegance to your daily writing. The fountain pen has a steel and iridium nib made in Germany with a chrome or bi-tone mask to match the pen finish. Because you may need a jotter, a rollerball will also be available — cartridge/converter fill.

Finally, the beauty of the design of this Laban Flora Fountain Pen, justifies that you also gratify yourself or a friend with this excellent writing instrument, and let us assure you that you will enjoy your writing, for years to come!

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in

Chrome, Rose Gold


Fine, Medium


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