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Lamy Converters Features:

  • Available in Four Models Z23, Z24, Z25, and Z26
  • The Z23 Fits The Persona Fountain Pen,
  • The Z24 fit in The Safari, Vista, Al-Star, and Joy.
  • The Z25 Fits in the Lamy Accent and Lady Models
  • The Z26 & Z27 Lamy Converters Fits in all Lamy Pens now in production
  • The Z28 Lamy Converter for Safari Pens
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Lamy Converters. It’s not enough that Lamy has its proprietary ink cartridges. But if you want to use a converter instead,  you have to choose between four different converters! The most common one is the Lamy Z24 and Z26. So what’s the difference? The Z24 the red colored one only fits the Safari, Vista, Al-Star, and Joy. The Z26 fits all these, but also,  it fits in the Accent, Studio, CP1, and Logo. The Z23 fits only on the Persona Fountain pen, no longer in production. Finally, there is the Z25 converter for Lamy Accent and Lady Models. This discontinued converter screws in place

The fact that all the Lamy Fountain Pens accept the Z26 does not matter too much; after all, the pens that need the Z26 already come with one, so it’s only relevant if you need a replacement.

And the pens that don’t come with converters -Safari/Vista/Al-Star can accept either the Z24 or the Z26.

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Lamy Converters

The LAMY brand also stands for high-quality design, which means that their pens and refills are,  defined with modern aesthetics and functionality. Lamy success story began 50 years ago with the LAMY 2000. In 1966, the model established a clear design trend which still defines the style of all the Lamy products until today.

In 1930 Josef Lamy, who worked as a branch manager for Parker, set up his own business in Heidelberg. The technology, the quality in design and materials is especially relevant in their products. They make a clear statement: ‘best value for money.’

Lamy pens also represent the best of German design, engineering, and art. The pens excel in innovation while making them reliable and desirable. The Pens from Lamy can be seen on the New York Stock Exchange, at conferences in Tokyo, or also in the lecture halls of Buenos Aires. And each of these pens first saw the light of day in Heidelberg, the city with Germany’s oldest university. Here, just a few minutes by car, from the  Neckar River, Lamy develops and produces fountain pens, ink, roller balls, ballpoint pens and propelling pencils

Additional information

Weight .10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × .10 in

Z23, Z24, Z25, Z26, Z27, Z28


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