Lamy Studio Palladium Fountain


LAMY Studio black Fountain pen features:

  • Fountain pen in matte black lacquer finish.
  • Cartridge filling system with ink cartridge
  • LAMY converter and 2 cartridges included
  • 14 Kt bi-color gold nib, anodized.
  • Available in: fine (F) / medium (M) and (EF) Extra Fine
  • Designer: Hannes Wettstein
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LAMY Studio Palladium Fountain Pen. – Lamy Studio Fountain Pen. – Timeless perfection. This pen shows just how close design and art can be. The air propeller-shaped clip accents the pen’s form. The modern look of the cigar-shaped pen barrel enhanced by a quality lacquer finish and polished chrome fittings. Besides, the propeller-shaped clip is a new feature. The pen also has a twist feeding mechanism. The pen comes with a medium black ballpoint refill. Challenged by Lamy, the Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein was to create a highly functional pen that would also be considered a modern work of art. The result was the Lamy Studio Palladium Fountain Pen!

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Lamy Studio Palladium Fountain Pen

The Lamy Studio is an excellent choice for style and function, providing writing comfort in a beautiful design. Lamy has recently launched the Studio in black with polished chrome.

Anyone who occasionally sees the world from a different angle will experience real pleasure from the looks of this pen. For example, its elegant clip which turns in on itself recalls a modern piece of sculpture than a conventional pen clip. Other elements such as the chromium-trims make the pen an eye catcher, one that does not fit easily into any art category. Furthermore, the fountain pen comes with a rhodium-plated nib. Finally, for the sophisticated person, there is this version with a palladium finish.

Lamy Pens

When founded in 1930, Lamy fine pens had broad recognition. They launched the Lamy 2000 in 1996. This new fountain pen was revolutionary in several aspects. The pen features did not have excess material or excessive design. Based on the principle -form follow function-. The pen focuses on function only. Laying the simple basic design for all Lamy writing instruments.

The Lamy 2000 also set new norms in the mid-sixties in terms of craft. Mainly because of the difficulty of working with a combination of stainless steel and Makrolon. This combination requires specialized technology and skills.

If you are looking for a fountain pen, look no further.  The Lamy Studio Fountain Pen surely will fit your needs with elegance and functionality. So why not indulge yourself with this nice pen.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 1 in


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