Loiminchay Opus II Roller Ball


Loiminchay Opus II Roller Ball features:

  • Colors: Black
  • Length Posted: 154 mm.
  • Length Capped: 162 mm.
  • Weight: 38 gr.
  • Material: Resin
  • Trims: Chrome Plate
  • Cap Closure: Snap In
  • Cap posts: yes,
  • Packaged: Cushion Wood Box


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Loiminchay Opus II Roller Ball : Music to your eyes and Fingertips. Simple elegance. New Art-Deco design also with genuine pearl. 18K two-tone gold nib in M, F or B size. Available in fountain and roller ball pen.

OPUS also is Loiminchay’s first member of the Fine Pens Series, with a totally new pen body. Because, the basic design of Opus is strongly influenced by the Art Deco movement, yet one wouldn’t mistaken its modern new look of today.

Attention to details of this pen is immaculate. Opus is the total harmony of colors, shapes, proportions, contrasts and textures in a pen. It is also a well weight balanced writing instrument. In addition, the design in its18K two-tone gold nib is ultra simple, promises smooth writing.

Loiminchay Small Logo

Loiminchay Opus II Roller Ball

A group of artists, product designers and pen enthusiasts, worked together in New York, to create this new brand of pens.  The goal is to produce the best quality, in high-end pens. This goal, by itself is a rare breed in today’s budget driven world.  Each pen  needed to be an artistic statement in its finest and purest form.  They have successfully combined all these, to finally, present his pens to pen enthusiasts around the world

The name, Loiminchay, results from a combination of three Chinese words, each with a unique meaning.  Loi represents internal core issues.  Min stands for understanding.  Chay signifies a studio or a workshop. They represent the company’s ideals.  Hence, the name Loiminchay means “A workshop with creativity based on clear understanding of core issues.”

Patrick Chu, founder and President of Loiminchay, was born in Hong Kong, He worked in advertising, package and product design..  His interest in Asian art and culture along with his love for modern pens served him as inspiration for their pen collections.  He not only created the pen but also the beautiful packages that awake the desire of having one, in his customers. He also takes care of business development as well as for creative direction and marketing.

The ancient Chinese art displayed in their pens reflects thousands of years in the making, but also they show details of the modern culture.  Chu says, Who knows what lies ahead?  There are always new and exciting challenges ahead of us in this striking pen making territory.  I see no end to my desire of creating pens.  I enjoy life with passion.”

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10.00 × 3.00 × 2.00 in


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