Signum Solare Grande Ball Pen


Signum Solare Grande Ball Pen features:

  • Dimensions: ψ15 mm. x 136 mm. / 42 gr.
  • Ball Pen Mechanism: Twist
  • Refill: German Refill
  • Barrel: Solid Resin and Gold Plated tip section
  • Colors: Midnight Black
  • Cap: Sculpted Logo on cap’s top
  • Clip: yes

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Signum Solare Grande Ball Pen: The Solare collection is the new star in the Signum Galaxy. The Solare represents the entire solar system. Two models are offered in this collection, The  Solare small and the large. Both, offered in three vibrant and basic colors, Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight. They hand-turned each pen, from either a solid bar or a specially blended combination of hand crafted Italian acrylic resins. The Ball Pen Offered is the Solare Grande Midnight.  This pen had a suggested retail price of $200.00 you can gratify yourself with a truly fine Ball pen for much less, We think that you are going to like the way this one writes!

Signum Small Logo

Signum Solare Grande Ball Pen

Signum: is a latin word which means trace, or sign. Either way the outline left by a signature or a trace makes reference to a path. Because of this, the Guidolin brothers thought the word “Signum” could perfectly represent a path of the history of writing. From antiquity to today and into the future. This is the meaning that they  give to their products. Pens Inspired in old craftsmanship with modern technology that will last way into the future.

The passion and devotion of each member of the Guidolin family has been a key reason in the success of their products. They collaborate every day in each step of the production process; from design to production;  this how they achieve excellence. This coperation is also typical of artisan family companies. Signum offers a range of writing products: fountain pens, roller pens, ballpoint pens and pencils.

Crafted in Italy, Each pen can leave the production floor only, after a meticulous manual polishing and a scrupulous quality control. Hence, people who use These pens can be sure that they are buying a high quality pen which is both, elegant and reliable.

In addition, the “Signum” logo brings implicit a devotion to quality and the desire to produce only the best pens. The logo depicts a wheel used in the roman chariots and comes sculpted in all their Pens’ caps. Finally, This emblem is used only in their top-level pens.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7.0 × 3.5 × 2.0 in


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