Namiki Daruma Fountain Pen


Namiki Daruma Fountain Pen Features:

  • Line: Yukari
  • Limited Edition: 300 Pens
  • Pen Number: 214
  • Reference: 14978
  • Material: Urushi lacquer
  • Color: Black
  • Trim: Gold plated
  • Nib: 18K Gold bicolored
  • Filling: SystemCartridge / Converter
  • Closing: Screw-on
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Namiki Daruma Fountain Pen. Also, represents a Japanese doll called Daruma,  Bodhidarma, a monk and founder of Zen Buddhism, was the one who inspired this doll. According to the legend, he spent nine years meditating in front of a wall. This cost him the loss of his eyelids and limbs.

There is a legend surrounding Bodhidharma. Bodhidharma the monk, through sheer indomitable will power, was able to maintain a meditative state facing the wall for nine years. In Japanese, this is known as  -Nine Years Facing The Wall-.

Today Daruma doll is also a familiar good luck charm for those who wish to succeed. Each color represents a particular charm. Yellow is for monetary fortune. Blue will enhance your success. Red keeps you and your family safe. Green stands for good health, and black will bring also good luck in your life.

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Namiki Daruma Fountain Pen

Only 300  Namiki Daruma fountain pens made. Each fitted with an 18kt gold nib and made of hira makie on the doll (Flat maki-e) while the background has Mother of Pearl to enhance the beauty of this pen.

Daruma came as a modern iteration of the doll when a pre-existing human figure, of the Edo Period, known as -Self Rising Monk- depicted a meditating Bodhidharma. The Daruma doll serves as a physical representation of the monk Bodhidharma’s unyielding willpower.  Ready to rise no matter how many attempts here may be to knock it over. Due to its self-rising nature, the doll similarly embodies the Japanese proverb,  If you fall seven, rise eight.- The Daruma doll has thus become a universal good luck charm in Japan for those who want success. Its Believed that this Namiki Yukari Daruma will help to see all the owner goals come true. The Namiki Daruma fountain pen comes in a beautiful box with a leather pen pouch, convertor, and certificate—only 300 pieces for the world.

Finally, boost your luck and most of all gratify your writing with this beautiful Namiki Daruma fountain pen. You will also enjoy using it for many years to come.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in



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