Noodler’s 1 oz. Ink Bottle


Noodler’s 1 oz ink Bottle Features:

  • Bottle Size: 1 oz
  • Ink Composition: Dye-Based
  • Ink Colors: 6 Colors Available
  • PH: Neutral
  • Usage: Fountain Pen Ink
  • Water-Resistant: Check Color Description
  • Permanency etc.: Check Color Description
  • Weight: 3.25 oz / 93 grams
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Noodlers 1 oz ink bottle, Noodler’s inks, known for their affordability, wide range of colors, and good performance on any paper that are not normally fountain pen friendly. They are also known for their distinctive label art, featuring unique drawings. Dedicated to keeping prices as low as possible, Noodler’s uses simple bottles and packaging, with boxes made of recycled paper. All Noodler’s inks are 100% made in the USA.. The brand’s name and the catfish logo, come from the sport of catching catfish with bare hands. This sport known as  “Noodling” is popular in the southern part of the United States.

All Noodlers 1  oz ink bottle, ae hand made ink, using locally sourced components when possible. They price their inks as low as possible so that they can be accessible to as many people as possible. They know that fountain pens should have a reachable maintenance to compete with other writing means. In addition to 36 ink colors Noodler’s offers many specialty inks with useful properties that no other brands provide.

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Noodlers 1 oz ink bottle

Their Line of Standard Inks are dye based, like any other ink, they have a moderate water resistance and they are not acid nor alkaline meaning, their PH is neutral . The many  beautiful colors of this line is outstanding. Burgundy, Forest Green and Midnight Blue, are standard Inks among many.

The Permanent ink line comes with a special formulation that make them exceptionally enduring, yet still safe for fountain pens, they provide a good water, solvent and even UV radiation resistance. They made this inks to make the life  of forgers miserable. Noodler’s Polar Black, Noodlers Anti-Feather Black and Lexington Black are permanent inks, to name just a few.

Noodler’s Lubricated line of inks, contain an added lubricant for keeping piston-filled pens and converters working smoothly. Over time, pistons can become sticky and difficult to operate.  the use of this inks are a good preventive measure against. Eel Blue and Eel Rattler red are good examples of lubricated inks.

Polar or freeze resistant inks. If it snows where you live, you know the risk of leaving a liquid container out in the cold. Like any other water-based fluid, inks expand when they freeze and the bottle can burst. This is sometime common in ink bottles during shipping, but it can also affect pens left in a garden table or on a  vehicle  overnight. Noodler’s Polar Black among others, made to be freeze resistant.


Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

Fox Red, Hunter Green, La Reine Mauve, Luxury Blue, Periwinkle, The Whiteness of the Whale


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