Parker Quink Bottled Ink


Parker Quink Bottled Ink Features:

  • Ink Bottle: 1.9 fl. oz. 57 ml
  • Colors: 4 Available
  • Ink PH: Neutral
  • Formulation: Dye Based,
  • Appropriate Ink: For Fountain Pens
  • Displayed Colors: May not be precise due to monitors etc.
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Parker Quink Bottled Ink: A high-quality and smooth flowing ink very popular for almost all the last century. Quink ink, named by blending the words “quick” and “ink”, saw the light in the early 1900’s as a revolutionary ink that eliminated the need for blotting. These days the majority of fountain pen inks available feature smooth flow and quick drying times, but the Parker Quink still remains as a classic favorite. Like all modern inks also Parker Quink inks, have a dye-based formula.

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Parker Quink Bottled Ink

In 1928,  Kenneth Parker, from the Parker Pen Company set out to develop a new and improved fountain pen ink. Inferior inks had long been the main cause of clogged fountain pens, yet ink formulations remained unchanged. Miner Laboratories of Chicago Initially directed the research for the Quink project. Later, In 1930 one lead chemist, Galen Sayler, start working in a small Parker laboratory in Janesville, Wisconsin.

After a well advertise campaign, success followed. The ink production began on March, and by October of the same year sales reach $89,000  twice the expectations. Quink was introduced as a general-purpose ink, safe for use in all fountain pens. It remains in production to the present day.

Parker Quink pioneered the ink manufacturing, as a result they have a distinctive experience in safe ink formulation. They reformulated the ink in 1993.  An article published in Pen World. Davies-Smith, a Parker ink chemist, said, it took us more than two years to develop the new Penman Quink line. Parker aimed to produce an ink that would be quick drying on paper but slow drying on the nib to enhance a smooth writing experience. They surely accomplished their goal, Buy one bottle in a color of your taste and you will love the way your writing looks.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 in

Black, Blue Black, Green, Washable Blue


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