Pelikan Ink 4001

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Ink in a bottle.

  • Produce clear line definition
  • For traditional Pelikan fountain pens
  • Royale blue can be eradicated and washed out of most textiles
  • 62.5 ml Pelikan ink: Royal blue, Blue black, Brilliant black, Brilliant red, Brilliant green, Brilliant brown, Violet, Turquoise
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The Original Pelikan Ink 4001

Pelikan has been producing the famous Pelikan Ink 4001 for over one hundred years now, and we have been convinced of its tried-and-tested quality all along. Seems like the 4001 ink is a real classic in writing culture – and to one of the most famous Pelikan brands. The refined formula guarantees bright, shining colors, an even ink flow. Because of all of the above, you will also have strong, expressional writing. It is the expertise of the Pelikan corporation that ensures the excellent features of this high-quality ink.

The Pelikan 4001 ink should be the first choice for anyone who also enjoys writing by hand. It is the perfect supplement to your fountain pen and an expression of your personality. It’s a class of its own.


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Pelikan Ink 4001

Pelikan 4001 Ink has an almost legendary mystique about it. Users enjoy their shades and appreciate their light and water resistance.  It is a very well-behaved ink, even on low-quality paper and the ink is safe for use in any fountain pen  Their bottles contain 30 ml of high-quality Pelikan fountain pen ink. For decades, Pelikan’s 4001 series inks have been a preferred choice among European students,

Pelikan 4001® ink should be the first choice for anyone who enjoys writing by hand. It is the perfect supplement to your fountain pen and an expression of your personality. A class of its own. Pelikan inks dry quickly. This is actually one property that left-handed writers enjoy more.

Pelikan 4001 comes in Pelikan 4001 traditional ink bottle. Furthermore, the bottle original design dates from 1897. All Pelikan inks flow freely and are water-soluble also the ink comes in seven colors.

Pelikan Group GmbH, a Company, based in Berlin. A leading brand maker of paper for office, and stationery. With more than 12,000 items, from pencil sharpeners and napkins to school bags and pens. They divide their line of products into segments: Pelikan Pens, Painting, and Crafts, Office, School Bags, Bags and, School Bags, and Greeting Cards, Gifts, and also Decorations.

Indulge yourself with this excellent ink, and you will be among the many who use one of the best and safest inks available,  You will also love the way this ink writes, combine the ink with a Pelikan fountain pen and you will be the proud user of one of the most widely recognized pen brands in the world.

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  1. eli.javier

    As a first time fountain pen user, I was recommended this ink by the owner and I am glad I purchased it. The Blue-black dries on nicely, and looks great on paper!

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