Pelikan Pura R40 Roller Pen

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The Pelikan Pura R40 Rollerball Features

  • Outstanding writing personality will quickly make it your new favorite writing instrument
  • Light, sturdy aluminum with satin matte finish barrel and cap
  • High gloss springy clip and trim provide brilliant accents
  • Capped design enhances your daily writing experiences
  • Includes trendy metal case
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The Pelikan Pura R40 Roller Pen will attract you with its good looks and feel! Thanks to its writing personality, the Pura R40 is sure to become your new favorite writing instrument quickly. The Pelikan Pura R40 Rollerball’s sleek, modern profile, created with lightweight aluminum for the barrel and cap, reveals a satin matte finish.


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Pelikan Pura R40 Roller Pen

This quality roller ball pen is available in a variety of colors. Pick a color that suits you, a contrasting high gloss clip and trims also provide accents that are sure to please any writer. The full, flat and springy clip is also a high-tech interpretation of the classic Pelikan beak design. Besides, we are confident that the writing experience with this Pelikan Pen, will be pleasant. The capped design makes it convenient enough to enhance your daily writing experiences. Each Pelikan Pura R40 Rollerball pen is priced right for a great value and comes in a trendy metal case.

Pelikan Group GmbH, a Company, based in Berlin. A leading brand maker of paper for office, and stationery. With more than 12,000 items, from pencil sharpeners and napkins to school bags and pens. They divide their line of products into segments: Writing, Painting, and Crafts, Office, School Bags, Bags and, School Bags, and Greeting Cards, Gifts, and Decorations.

Pelikan Pens

In addition to these products, They also own service companies. The Pelikan pens, Herlitz, Susy Card and Geha brands are at the heart of the company. In particular, the first two, enjoy high brand recognition in Germany – more than 90%  – and are among the best-known brands in the stationery business.

Pelikan pens manufacture products with a history that spans over 100 years. They have now, 18 distributors all over the world. Pelikan operates production plants in Germany, Mexico, Colombia, and Poland. Their products have availability in almost every country in the world.

Pelikan is now arguably the largest pen producer worldwide or at list one of the largest. Pelikan pens make quality and durable products that will last. The Pelikan Pura Pen, as all Pelikan pens, is also a pleasant writer. Aesthetically, the pen is amazing. We like when the chrome line aligns up with the nib. You don’t have to put any extra efforts to do that. The threads of the pen are designed to do so.  But this is what we expect from a premium pen of this range. So why not gratify yourself or that person that you want to impress, with this Pelkan Pura P40 Fountain Pen. You will like the way you write for years to come.

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Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 1 in


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