Pilot 74 Fountain Pen


The Pilot Custom 74 Demonstrator Fountain Pen Features

  • A quality fountain pen
  • Features visible ink supply
  • 14 karat Broad gold nib with rhodium finish
  • A must have for any pen enthusiast
  • Converter or cartridge fill

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The Pilot 74 Fountain Pen is a simple yet modern fountain pen. The minimal design and the bright cap and barrel make it a must-have for any pen enthusiast. This fountain pen features a rhodium-plated 14k gold nib. The pen comes with a Pilot converter, which holds an ample ink supply.  This converter also combines the characteristics of a vacuum-filling and push-button converter. You can also use proprietary Pilot/Namiki ink cartridges if you prefer.

Direct from Japan, Namiki brings the Custom Pilot Clear 74 Fountain Pen for your writing pleasure. The Pilot 74 is a slightly smaller version of the Pilot 823. Pen aficionados coveted this pen for many years now, and as a result, The Ink Flow makes it available. The see-through demonstrator barrel simple and yet sophisticated design is a must-have for any pen enthusiast. You will love this pen after the first stroke.


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Pilot Clear 74 Fountain Pen

Each Custom 74 demonstrator fountain pen goes through a thorough manual exterior process. The clear demonstrator pen comes with a polished body, which also gives you a view of the ink level. The 74 pen feels firm yet comfortable with each stroke.

The grip along with the blind cap comes in a smoke grey resin, and the signature Pilot clip comes plated in bright rhodium. With the flexible 14K gold nib with rhodium plating, the Custom 74 demonstrator makes your writing experience a pleasure. The pen fills with a converter or also with ink cartridges.

Whether you’re jotting down a note or writing a letter, you deserve a pen that works when need it. Pilot Pens’ goal is to design and produce smooth writing pens with a comfortable grip and ink refills. But above all, they are major sponsors of the “Keep America Beautiful” campaign, committed to lowering the number of pens that end up in landfills each year.

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