Pilot 823 Fountain Pen


Pilot Custom 823 Brown Transparent Fountain Pen Features

  • The ink fills the entire barrel with ink for long writing
  • Comes in a gift box with a bottle of blue Pilot ink
  • Visible ink supply and plunger
  • Fantastic Medium or Fine width 14K gold nib
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Many have been waiting for this pen to arrive on our shores – the Pilot 823 Fountain Pen from Pilot of Japan. Namiki brings the Pilot 823 Fountain Pen for your writing pleasure. Pen aficionados also coveted this pen for many years. Now, the Ink Flow makes it available. The see-through demonstrator barrel’s advanced yet straightforward design is a must-have for any pen enthusiast. You will love this pen after the first stroke.


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Pilot 823 Fountain Pen.

The 823 is an alternative to the everyday fountain pen, Its in a class of its own. A simple, yet elegant design, the 823 performs well for the serious writer with its transparent black cap and barrel, visible ink supply, and plunger-vac system that makes refilling easy. The system fills the entire barrel with ink for long, long write-outs! The 823 also features a 14K gold nib with gold-plated accents. Each pen comes presented in a gift box even with a bottle of blue Pilot ink. Bottle fill only.

The pen comes, from a culture that has celebrated the art of writing. For more than a thousand years, they developed instruments that memorialize both literature and art. Their traditional techniques and modern innovations thoroughly blend in these writing instruments.

But superior craftsmanship is just the beginning because Pilot designs the pens with their users in mind. A precision nib and also a high-quality ink ensures a smooth stroke and a clean line. They also redefine quality in fine writing instruments. For the collector and connoisseur, these pens are a revelation as a gift for the valued client, friend, or family member you will be remembered for a lifetime. For every creative endeavor, Namiki is the ultimate writing tool. This pen also comes with a 3-Year factory guarantee!

Whether you’re jotting down a note, writing a letter or just doodling, you deserve a pen that works when need it.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2.5 in


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