Visconti Ponte Vecchio Golf Pen


Visconti Ponte Vecchio Golf Limited Edition Fountain Pen: features:

  • Silver .925 Edition
  • Limited Edition to 118 World-Wide
  • Nib: Medium Width, 18 KT White Gold
  • Material : Blue resin
  • Patented Double Ink Reservoir
  • Golf Ball Signed by Ignacio Garrido
  • Artwork: Cut out filigree
  • Trims : Silver 925 Rhodium Plated

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The name Visconti Ponte Vecchio Golf Pen is a synonym for pens of beauty for the past twenty years. Visconti studied intensely the fountain pens, rollers and ballpoint pens making a range of instruments.
It seems that the Renaissance in Florence is still alive. Located in an old villa, that makes them intellectually sensitive, they study new models and techniques.
In 1988 they established this Florentine company, headed by Mr. Del Vecchio, a man of the creativity that fill their creations. Led by a passion for vintage pens, he continually looks for new ways in the art of writing. They love history and innovation, and this pushes them to develop more advanced systems. Combined with their research and design, they created pens with beauty. They developed new pens contributing to innovation and design. Like This Visconti Golf Pen

Visconti Logo

Visconti Ponte Vecchio Golf Pen

Visconti never forgot their home, Florence, whose tradition has inspired many creations. Hence, Visconti engraves its pens with the “Made in Florence” legend. This sense of Florence belonging also leads them to lunch the PONTE VECCHIO GOLF pen. Their goal was to encourage a relationship with the world of golf. Visconti made a series of Limited edition pens, also dedicated to the International Approach Championship. The first one is this pen, presented in Florence, during the Ponte Vecchio Golf tournament. A pen is not only a life-mate but also a play-mate. Like golf, pens involve thousands of collectors that in many cases are golf players too. The town of Florence reflects golf, elegance, and culture in Italian style and Visconti Pens introduce this style,  in this limited edition. A pen that also inspires to play golf, when a golf champion is caught in the most crucial moment, the golf swing.

Finally, To make this limited edition more exclusive.  Visconti pens asked each golf champion to sign 118 golf balls.  Each signed golf ball includes one pen, or one pen includes one golf ball. At any rate,  If you like golf and you enjoy writing you have more than one excuse to buy this fine pen.,

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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 4 in


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