Visconti Romanica Fountain Pen


Visconti Romanica Vermeil Rose Gold Fountain Pen features:

  • Type Fountain Pen
  •  Visconti Romanica Limited Edition (885/1000).
  • Manufacturer: Visconti, Italy
  • Length 5-7/8″
  • Filling System  Piston with Double Reservoir
  • Color white with a gold plated sterling silver overlay
  • Nib 18k Medium Nib. Soft feeling nib with some flex.

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Visconti Romanica Fountain Pen.-Through history, Europeans considered themselves “united,” but commercially they always competed. Even though they always search for their common roots, tending to bind together. Probably, because of this, they have recently created the European Constitution. Visconti saw the similarity that European towns have when compared to each other. Often their cities are placed on hills, with winding small roads, and with the same religious symbols. Churches and cathedrals represent a common thread too, in the “European” lifestyle.

Luigi Poli and Dante del Vecchio, two friends who also met in Florence, both decided to turn a common passion into a business. They founded Visconti pens on October 20, 1988. The first pen collection launched by the company was named “Classic”; the pens used celluloid, an excellent material also employed in numerous pen collections. They had such a success that the next year, in 1989, the company developed “Urushi,” their first limited edition of 100 pieces.

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Visconti Romanica Fountain Pen

The European art developed between 1000 AD and the late 12th century. This time frame identifies the “Romanic” era. The presence of the Romans with its architecture, Explain this influence. Visconti has adapted these influences to their pens, through engraving, the arches, bricks, and windows. Very prevalent in the romanic era. Because the Romanic period served as a precursor to the Renaissance. Visconti thinks that this pen reflects the  European art trend. The Ink Flow,  present this pen in Vermeil Rose Gold, as part of a limited edition of 1000 pens, With a Medium 18 kt. Gold nib and with a double Reservoir ink.

We also like the intricate looks and the feel of this new pen from Visconti, to the extent that we use one, and now this is one of our preferred pens., the handling is superb and the nib Oh! We can write for hours. Make sure you pick up one, and you are going to like the way you write!


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