Dupont Lead and Erasers


S. T. Dupont Lead and Erasers .7 mm  Features:

  • S.T. Dupont mechanical pencils Leads and erasers
  • The Box contains 5 0.7 mm leads and erasers
  • Replacement pencil Leads and eraser, all Classique pencils (before 1999), Montparnasse.
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Dupont Lead and Erasers box. Among the Dupont writing instrument family, the company supplies a lead box with 0.7mm leads with corresponding pencil erasers. Each box has 5 leads and two erasers usable in all Classique pencils (before 1999), Montparnasse.

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Dupont Lead and Erasers

S. T. Dupont pays the same attention to detail that they are famous. On top of also giving you quality leads for your  0.7mm  pencils. Dupont pens make your writing experience a pleasure. S.T. Dupont is the French luxury goods company whose name is also synonymous with quality

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