J Herbin Essentials Inks

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J Herbin 1670 Ink Collection Features:

Bottle Size: Elegant Crystal flagon with  50 ml
Composition: Dye-Based
Ink Colors: Ten Colors
Gleam: Yes
Usage: Dip Pens, Fountain Pens

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J Herbin Essentials Inks. J.Herbin. Established in 1670 in Paris nearby the towers of Notre Dame. Ink production started during the First French Empire. Napoleon Bonaparte used their inks, and the King of Rome used them after his son. During the 19th century, Herbin participated in many great international exhibitions, including the London exhibit in 1823. There, they got an award for the exceptional quality of their inks and waxes.

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J Herbin Essentials Inks

Without overload or artifice with a sober and elegant brightness, Jacques Herbin’s inks (Made in France) echo the shades of watercolors. They are the accomplices of any amateur or connoisseur of the arts of pen and graphic arts, artists, and travelers.

J Herbin Essentials Inks

At the same time, Vert Amazone is an intense and luminous green inspired by the wild shores of the great river of South America.

Gris de Houle is a dark, deep, and dense grey evoking the strong wave surges of a storm. Thanks to its unique hue and its extraordinary character,

The flagship of Jacques Herbin, Noir Abyssal, is an ink of exceptional quality. Its rich, voluptuous black tint adorns itself with deep color as it dries, evoking tropical nights.

Bleu de Minuit is the darkest color available, apart from Noir Abyssal ink. It is a deep, dark blue evoking a starry night.

Bleu Austral.- Blue radiating and deep in an intense and haunting tone. Southern blue evokes the turquoise reflections of the South Seas.

Violet Boréal allows you to dip your nib in the violet glows of the aurora borealis. It is a dark, deep purple ink.

Rouge D’Orient Red is the color of colors: it symbolizes power in Antiquity, happiness in China, or passion today.

Terre d’Ombre is a brown, “burnt earth” color ink adorned with fallow tones and reddish highlights. Beautifully intense,

Orange Soleil symbolizes vital energy and opens up purity or even spirituality. Thanks to its radiance, it’s glorious light and serene power illuminate the pages written.

Ambre de Baltique is a luminous ink, quasi solar; when painting with ink, 50ml bottles.

  • Ten colors
  • Non-toxic, pH neutral
  • Water-based, all-natural dyes flow smoothly

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Ambre de Baltique, Bleu austral, Bleu de minuit, Gris de houle, Noir Abissal, Orange Soleil, Rouge d'Orient, Terra d'Ombre, Vert Amazone, Violet Boreal


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