J Herbin Ink Pearl Calligraphy


J Herbin Ink Pearl Calligraphy Set Features:

  • Violet Pensee Ink Bottle with built in Pen rest
  • Natural wood pen nib holder
  • Wooden box
  • Nibs:  Brause No. 65, Brause Cito Fein, Brause L’Ecolier No. B65, Brause Hatat B10001,  Brause Steno B361 “Blue Pumpkin”

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J Herbin Ink Pearl Calligraphy Set an elegant calligraphy set adequate for any writing enthusiast. Includes 5 German-made Brause nibs, a wood nib holder and also a  bottle of J Herbin Violet ink. Brause stainless steel nibs are among the world’s finest for a pleasant dip-pen writing experience.

This beautiful calligraphy set comes in a wood school writing box. Includes a nib holder, five steel nibs and a 30ml bottle of violet ink. The reusable wooden box also has a lid which slides off to reveal a red velvet covered molded case which includes the ink, pen and nibs. These fine tipped nibs are perfect for drawing and Spencerian/Copperplate and Modern Calligraphy styles.  While these pen nibs and the holder use only quality materials aiming at professional artists, the set is also ideal for beginners.

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J Herbin Ink Pearl Calligraphy Set

This European Calligraphy Set contains six nibs for script and calligraphy, one nib holder, also one bottle of violet ink. A good starter calligraphy set for any professional artist.

The nibs with the holder and  the ink in this set, made by two of the oldest names in artist’s calligraphy tools, J. Herbin, and Brause. J. Herbin, a French company that started doing business in 1670, are the oldest calligraphy ink company in existence. They now create nib holders, inks and sealing wax. Brause, in the other hand, a German company established in the 1800s, and well-known for it’s calligraphy nibs.

In Conclusion. This kit has the basics to create stunning calligraphy in both Copperplate and italic and Unical lettering styles. Because, these nibs are recommended by Calligraphy instructors as the basic nibs needed to learn the art of fine lettering. You can be assured that it will meet your expectancies and that you will like what you can carry out with set.

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