Laban Galileo Fountain Pen


Laban Galileo Fountain Pen Features:

  • Finish: Black resin barrel with metallic overlay.
  • Trims: Palladium Silver.
  • Nib: Silver Iridium.
  • Filling System: cartridge/converter.
  • Presentation: Gift Boxed
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Laban Galileo Fountain Pen; what a stunningly beautiful pen!!! The pen comes with a delicate metallic overlay out of which design comes carved also showing the beautiful resin underneath. Added to this design is the beveled edge and gravure craft delicately cut into the metal. The rhodium plated nib is available in M, and F widths. Cartridge/converter fill with the converter included.

As stated, the Beautiful metallic overlay shows the resin underneath the Galileo pen.  Galileo believed in the heliocentric theory that the Sun acts as the center of the solar system and Earth revolves around it. They extrapolated the concept to the design of these pens. The pen is the center of the writing system, covered by the overlay that revolves around the pen.

Laban Small Logo

Laban Galileo Fountain Pen

This pen is a looker. We first saw this pen in the Laban catalog and swooned over it. Then we found out that they name the pen, after Galileo and we felt that we had to sell the Galileo. We respect very much intellectual curiosity, so this pen had to be in our warehouse.

Once we received the fountain pen, we open the box, and Oh boy! this Galileo pen, s a beautiful pen.

Also, the copper and silver tones overlapping over the black body of the Galileo pen, are just amazing to look. I love that the copper inserts under the silver overlay. The copper-colored gears draw your eye to the depth of the piece.

The cap band tapers the large Galileo pen into the body effectively. The cap button is beautiful with the cursive L and laurel wreath for the Laban logo. The pen gets your attention, without a doubt.

Finally, the pen industry faces significant challenges from a changing culture. Hence, their goal for the future is not to go after a volume business, but to make different pens that show traditional handicraft with an original design. There is no doubt that Laban accomplished this goal with the design of the Galileo Fountain pen.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.5 × 1.5 in

Fine, Medium


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