Lamy Bottled Ink


Lamy Bottled Ink Features:

  • Ink Colors: Eight
  • Formulation: Water Soluble Dyes
  • Bottle Volume: 50 ml, or 1.69 fl. Oz
  • Bottle Basin: Yes
  • Weight: 208 gr. or 6.3 Oz.
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Lamy Bottled Ink comes with a roll of blotter tape that can be used to clean the pen after filling or use it on paper after writing. These ink bottles have a basin inside to assist with filling when the ink level is low. Indulge yourself with one bottle of this beautiful German-formulated ink, and you are going to like the way you write!

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Lamy Bottled Ink

The most widely used ink In the Middle Ages, the Ferro-gallic ink served well, when used with quills. The disadvantage of the ferruginous ink was that it aged and dried up in the bottle very quickly.  This aging made the Ferro=gallic not suitable for fountain pens. The creation of synthetic water-soluble dyes permitted the development of water-soluble inks., Ferro-gallic ink became less and less popular. The fountain pens of today use color inks made with water-soluble colors.

Lamy Durability

The average useful life of a Lamy ink cartridge is 12 months, after which the ink starts to evaporate. As a result, the ink cartridge looks filled half with ink even when unused.

Mixing Lamy ink colors:

Lamy doesn’t recommend the mix of different ink colors. Due to the different ph-values, the colors might precipitate. Please make sure To rinse thoroughly with water, your fountain pen before filling it with new ink color.

Lamy Ink Stains:

Fabric with stains of royal blue ink can be washed out. It is best to wash out other colors with washing powder and water as soon as possible. Amodex available here has proven to be in most cases, a viable solution. Also, please do not treat the ink stain with solvents.


According to the German DIN ISO Standard, fountain pen inks are not waterproof. Lamy Black and blue-black ink have permanence. Papers using these colors keep readability even after decades when stored in a dry and shady place.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

Black, Blue, Blue Black, Green, Neon Lime, Pacific Blue, Red, Turqoise, Vibrant Pink


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