Namiki Ink


Bottled Namiki Ink Features:

  • Created using the highest standards of color
  • Easy to use bottle
  • Intense hues
  • High performance writing
  • Work well with Pilot and Namiki fountain pens
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A glass bottle containing  60ml of Namiki ink with vibrant shades of Blue or Black enjoys high demand among fountain pen users. Traditionally, bottled Namiki ink comes tested for ph levels above 7.0, hence making this ink acid-free and archival safe. The attractive glass bottle also has an interior well for easy filling.

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Namiki Ink

The Namiki ink bottle comes with 60 ml of high-quality, general use fountain pen ink from Pilot. This bottle contains a smart yet straightforward reservoir, which results in an ink level that’s always high enough to refill your fountain pen. Flip the bottle upside down and back to fill the reservoir, and you can enjoy every last drop of your ink!

Namiki ink is generally very well-behaved ink. It is a wet writing ink that can spread slightly on some absorbent papers. But usually, it works well, even on cheaper paper. One advantage of the ink being so “wet” is that it flows well in most any pen. Namiki ink is also quite easy to clean out of pens.

This Namiki ink also flows instantly when a pen is uncapped. As an added benefit, this ink doesn’t dry out like many overly saturated inks do. You can leave the pen uncapped on the table for 15+ minutes, and the nib would not dry. The Namiki Ink is excellent for note taking at the office or during meetings, as you don’t have to uncap and cap your pens over and over.

Even though Namiki inks don’t dry out on the nib, it dries reasonably quickly on paper. If you’re a leftie, this is an advantage. It dries quickly on regular paper or even higher-end coated papers like Rhodia.

This beautiful ink is available here in two colors Black and Blue. The price seems to us is reasonable —only $9.20 for each 60 Ml. Bottle. It seems to us that this ink is a must add with any fountain pen purchase.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in

Black, Blue


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