Pelikan M205 Petrol Marmoriert

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Pelikan M205 Petrol Marmoriert Fountain Pen features:

  • Palladium plated  clip and trims.
  • High quality brown marbled resin
  • Patented Differential Piston-filling mechanism
  • Flexible,-plated steel nib.
  • Made in Germany
  • Packaged in a nice gift box
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The Pelikan M205 Petrol Marmoriert Pen is the newest addition to the 200 collections, The stunning and elegant Petrol Marble color distinguishes this pen from any other. The pen integrates shades of quality blue-green resin that blend flawlessly, hence his traditional look. A chrome -plated clip and trims enhanced the pen, This stylo stands out for its comfort and its flexible, plated steel nib. The pen carries the proven Pelikan piston mechanism. Finally, the pen fills from an ink bottle.

Pelikan Small Logo

Pelikan M205 Petrol Marmoriert

In 1950, Pelikan introduced the 400 fountain pen. With its green-striped sleeve, it quickly became the familiar symbol of the Pelikan brand. In the 1980s the series adopted the Souveran name, and thus they are known today. Two of these Souveran pens, They call “Stresemann” pen to two Pelikan pens. The grey striped black M805, and the M1000, so named to honor Gustav Stresemann (1879-1924). The Foreign Minister of the Weimar Republic and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize; his famous pin­striped trousers served as a guide in the design of these unique Souveran pieces.

Pelikan Pens Group GmbH, a Company, based in Berlin. A leading brand maker of paper for office, and stationery. With more than 12,000 items, from pencil sharpeners and napkins to school bags and pens. They divide their line of products into segments: Pelikan Pens, Painting, and Crafts, Office, School Bags, Bags and, School Bags, and Greeting Cards, Gifts, and Decorations.

Pelikan Pelikan M205 Petrol Marmoriert Pens

Finally, If you love classics, then you should own a Pelikan fountain pen. So, Indulge yourself with this excellent writer, and you will be among the few who owns one of the most coveted pens available. You will also love the way this pen writes, and you will be the proud owner of one of the most widely recognized pens in the world.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1.25 in

Fine, Medium


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