Pineider Alchemy Ink Set


Pineider Alchemy Ink Set Features:

  • Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black
  • Bottle Material: Glass
  • Pen Filler: For Plunger Pens
  • Snorkel: For Converter Pens
  • Booklet: With Detailed Instructions
  • Archive Cards: To keep Color formulas

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The Pineider Alchemy Ink Set allows you to create any color you can imagine. Just mix the colors to create many possibilities. We don’t realize how active our imagination can be. But when we explore a bit more, then our imagination also comes to life. A new Alchemy of ink colors from Pineider is something you should try. Because it will bring your colorful imagination out on the paper and to the world. This ink set draws inspiration from the CMYK printing system. -That stands for colors, cyan, magenta, yellow and black.-

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Pineider Alchemy Ink Set

With this kit, you can create any color you like. From the lighter one to darker shades. The box comes with four colors. They are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The Alchemy Ink kit also carries other accessories like a snorkel and pen filler. This fun and inspiring set has:

– 5 x 50 ml bottles of the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Transparent. Also, the kit comes equipped with an eyedropper;

– Five empty bottles to mix and preserve the color created;

– A Pineider Pen Ink Filler, a plunger fountain pen filler, which allows you to fill a pen even with a single charge;

– 1 Snorkel to supply ink to the converter without getting your hands dirty;

– An Instruction booklet with formulas to create colors;

– 1 Set of archive cards to store the formulations of the colors you have created.

Since 1774, Pineider also represents the Excellence for handmade products.  They manufacture paper, writing instruments and leather goods. The brand’s prestige has an exclusive and exceptional heritage. Hence, they accompany traditions, events, and trends. Not only for the Italian and European history but also related to our personal stories. Keeping also a careful look upon contemporaneity issues and continuously willing to bring innovation, like this Alchemy Ink Set.

Finally, Why not Indulge yourself and also gratify that friend or loved one with a Pineider Ink Set and you can be sure that he or she will enjoy their writing for a long time.


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