Acme Studio Pencil Leads

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Acme Studio Pencil Leads Features:

  • Acme Studio Polymer 0.7mm
  • lead comes with 12 refills per tube.
  • Each lead’s length is 6 cm.
  • HB lead refills are ideal for everyday use.

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The  polymer Acme Studio Pencil Leads, suitable for use in any Acme mechanical pencils.

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Acme Studio Pencil Leads

Also they fit in any other mechanical pencil that uses a 0.7mm lead. They have 60mm length.  A grading scale, ranks the pencil leads hardness in  HB or B grades; While H stands for the lead’s hardness, B denotes it’s blackness. Consequently, B grades the pencil lead as softer that the HB lead. they come in Pack of 12 leads.

Additional information

Weight .10 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × .25 × .10 in


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